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Sunkist first sprouted in 1893 and has been a household name for citrus fruits ever since. We have been solving food service industry challenges with practical and cost-effective equipment for decades! Sunkist ensures that you are well-equipped with long-lasting equipment that you can count on every day.

Commercial Series

Jucier and Sectionizer

S-Series Commercial Sectionizer

The extra sharp interchangeable blades of the Commercial Series Sectionizer allows you to easily slice citrus fruits, core and wedge apples and pears, slice tomatoes and mushrooms for sandwiches, or wedge them for salads.

Versatile, 10 different interchangable blades

Uniform pieces for
appealing presentation

Quick and easy cleanup – dishwasher safe


Production Stand for S-Series Commercial Sectionizer

Made with high-quality quarter-inch thick impact-resistant Plexiglass. 

Comes with two (2) anti-slip strips that hold on to most surfaces. 


The Sunkist Commercial Juicer has a quiet, heavy-duty, high-torque motor that efficiently extracts the maximum amount of juice from the pulp, with a 20 gallon-per-hour (74 liters) capacity.

Unique oscillating strainer

3 Interchangable extracting bulbs:
Orange, Lemon/Lime & Grapefruit

Quick & easy cleaning – 4 lift-off dishwasher safe parts


Pro Series

Jucier and Sectionizer

Pro Series™ Sectionizer

The Pro Series Sectionizer allows you to effortlessly slice, halve, or wedge a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, using our many interchangeable blade cups and plungers. 

Simply insert either your whole or cut-to-fit fruit or vegetable into the blade cup, then push down on the plunger. The cut produce falls into the 2.7 quart container below, cutting down your food preparation time, and ensuring easy clean up.

Versatile, 10 different
interchangable blades

Uniform pieces for
appealing presentation

Quick and easy cleanup – dishwasher safe

Designed for back of bar application


Pro Series™ Juicer

Available in either black and chrome, or orange and chrome, the Pro Series Juicer is as easy to clean up as it is to use! The three corrosion-proof juicing components, including the polycarbonate dome and spout, lift off into dishwasher-safe parts. Weighing only 12 pounds, The Pro Series Juicer is 110v or 120v compatible, and has a patented processing system that systematically separates the juice from the pulp. It is a perfect example of the Sunkist quality that you’ve come to know and trust.

Compact size—Perfect for Back of Bar
– 113/4” (30cm) tall, 71/2” (19cm) diameter

Able to extract up to 10 gallons (37 liters) per hour

Quick & easy cleaning (3 lift-off dishwasher safe parts)

Quiet, high torque motor


Volume Series


Auto-30™ Sectionizer

Dimensions: 28”W x 21”L x 43”H”

Table top Volume Sectionizer

Sectionize up to 30 pieces of fruit or vegetables per minute

Comes with one blade set your choice (4 each)

HMI Touchscreen: Integrated Controls with self-calibrating cutting action

Integrated Bump stops/ E stop Button

Rear access panel , with emergency stop

Auto-90™ Sectionizer

Dimensions: 35”W x 52”L x 77”H”

Sectionize up to 90 pieces of fruit or vegetables per minute

Uniform Pieces for Appealing Presentation

Automatic Sensor-Controlled Safety-Off System

Auto-90 Sectionizer Comes With One Blade Set of Your Choice ∙Optional; 8 Different Interchangeable Blade Sets

Quick & Easy Cleanup – Simply Hose Down with Water or Steam & Place Blade Cups/Plungers into Dishwasher for Sanitizing

Auto-90™ Sectionizer Testimonial

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