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Sunkist® Commercial Sectionizer

The Sunkist® Commercial Sectionizer utilizes interchangeable blade cups with extra sharp blades that allow you to easily wedge citrus fruits and vegetables, core and wedge apples and pears, and slice mushrooms, cucumbers, and tomatoes for cuisines.

The Commercial Sectionizer makes food prep efficient, presentation uniform and clean up easy with dishwasher-safe blade cups and plungers.

Join the hundreds of schools using the Sunkist Commercial Sectionizer in their kitchen and get yours today!

Versatile, 10 different interchangable blades

Uniform pieces for
appealing presentation

Quick and easy cleanup – dishwasher safe

Production Stand

The Sunkist® Production Stands add versatility to our ever-popular Commercial Sectionizers. They elevate the Commercial Sectionizer more than 5″ to fit food trays and pans below.

The Production Stand streamlines food preparation and improves ergonomics. The indentation on the stand is specifically designed to keep the Commercial Sectionizer in place and rubber feet keep the Production Stand stable on most surfaces.

Made with high-quality quarter-inch thick
impact-resistant acrylic Plexiglass

Comes with two (2) anti-slip strips
that hold onto most surfaces

Designed specifically for Sunkist®
Commercial Sectionizer

Fits food pans and trays up to 5 1/2” tall and 14” wide,
or round containers up to 15” tall and 9” wide.

The Sunkist Commercial Juicer

The Sunkist Commercial Juicer features a quiet, continuous-duty, high-torque motor that efficiently extracts fresh juice, achieving a perfect balance between juice, pulp, and yield, with a 20-gallon-per-hour (74 liters) capacity.

Unique oscillating strainer

3 interchangeable extracting bulbs: Orange, Lemon/Lime, & Grapefruit

Quick & easy cleaning – 4 lift-off dishwasher-safe parts

The Sunkist® Volume Series Sectionizer

The Sunkist® Volume Series Sectionizer is designed for high-volume central kitchens to process a variety of fruits and vegetables. Whether it’s cucumbers, oranges, or anything the Sunkist Commercial Series Sectionizer can handle, the Auto-30 and Auto-90 can do it at scale.

The Volume Series, with its one- or two-person operation and high output, is a valuable investment for our loyal customers.

Sectionize up to 30 or 90 pieces of fruit or vegetables per minute

Uniform pieces for appealing presentation

The Auto-30 and Auto-90 Sectionizer comes with one blade set of your choice from a variety of interchangeable blade cups

Emergency stop bumper and button

Quick & easy cleanup – simply hose down with water or steam and place blade cups/plungers into the dishwasher for sanitizing

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