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Sunkist first sprouted in 1893 and has been a household name for citrus fruits ever since. We have been solving food service industry challenges with practical and cost-effective equipment for decades! Sunkist ensures that you are well-equipped with long-lasting equipment that you can count on every day.

Volume Series


Auto-30™ Sectionizer

Dimensions: 28”W x 21”L x 43”H”

Table top Volume Sectionizer

Sectionize up to 30 pieces of fruit or vegetables per minute

Comes with one blade set your choice (4 each)

HMI Touchscreen: Integrated Controls with self-calibrating cutting action

Integrated Bump stops/ E stop Button

Rear access panel , with emergency stop

Auto-90™ Sectionizer

Dimensions: 35”W x 52”L x 77”H”

Sectionize up to 90 pieces of fruit or vegetables per minute

Uniform Pieces for Appealing Presentation

Automatic Sensor-Controlled Safety-Off System

Auto-90 Sectionizer Comes With One Blade Set of Your Choice ∙Optional; 8 Different Interchangeable Blade Sets

Quick & Easy Cleanup – Simply Hose Down with Water or Steam & Place Blade Cups/Plungers into Dishwasher for Sanitizing

Auto-90™ Sectionizer Testimonial

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